IgE evolved to kill multicellular tissue-dwelling parasites. IGEM is harnessing this power to kill solid tumours

A diverse pipeline of IgE-based drugs targeting solid tumours

Engineering new structural variants of IgE

IGEM is a UK-based Immuno-Oncology company focused on the development of IgE antibody drugs to fight cancer. IgE has evolved to kill parasites which reside in human tissue, also the home of the solid tumour. The company has shown that IgE has specific properties that allow it to outperform IgG antibody equivalents in pre-clinical testing.

The company’s lead product candidate, IGEM-F*, is in a Phase 1/2a clinical trial in ovarian cancer patients. This is the world’s first IgE drug to enter clinical trials. IGEM has constructed a novel and proprietary pipeline of anti-cancer IgE antibodies.

*IGEM has an exclusive option to IGEM-F from King’s College London. IGEM-F is currently in a phase I trial in ovarian cancer sponsored by Cancer Research UK.